Accounting involves more than simply preparing annual and regular financial statements. Our focus is always providing effective and value-added services that will ensure your business achieves the goals that you have set.

Our comprehensive services include.

We specialize in accounting as standard, but it involves much more than filing your annual tax returns.

Professional assistance

Get expert tax return assistance and comprehensive regulatory compliance.

Compliance with government regulations

Access annual financial statements and reports for statutory compliance purposes accounts.

Multiple account management

We offer regular management of accounts for tax requirements according to Australian law.

Help moving forward

Have our team develop your business appraisal and planning strategy.

Make informed decisions

Get help with the preparation of budgetary projections and cash flow reports.

Cultivate sound financial health

We are continuously developing best practice accounting methods and structures.

Rothsay - Full Service Accounting Firm.

Creating financial statements regularly is just one aspect of accounting. Our top priority is to ensure that your company reaches the goals previously set for it with practical and value-added services. At Rothsay, we believe good reporting starts with getting the correct business information.

Working with you for relevant information, we ensure that your accounting system functions correctly in all areas, is accurate, organized, and adequately maintained. In addition, your organization should have the best team, techniques, and software to meet your financial structure needs.

To ensure your business’s financial integrity, we can expertly prepare financial statements. These include corporations, partnerships, trusts, and pension funds, as well as sole traders and partnerships. In addition, our services make sure you adhere to compliance regulations and submit information on time.


Experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable chartered accountants.

Our dedicated, experienced team of chartered accountants provides efficient, bespoke accountancy services to a diverse range of clients in Sydney, Perth and beyond. Our mission is to prioritise customer service and establish enduring relationships with our clients. We strive to ensure that every customer would be comfortable recommending our services to others.

We have extensive experience in working with clients across several industries and our team comprises professionals with broad interests and expertise. Working together, we provide customised solutions and services that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

A reliable, reputable accounting firm you can trust.

Rothsay Chartered Accountants is a full-service accounting firm, which has established a reputation based on reliability, efficiency and attention to detail. We are committed to helping you to achieve your business objectives. We take the stress out of managing finances and making financial decisions.

We have extensive experience as a team and we understand what it takes to remain agile and adaptable in the world of modern business. We work with our clients to solve problems, identify effective, tailored solutions, facilitate growth and development and support ambitions. We want to make a positive difference.

Rothsay Chartered Accountants was established in 1991. Our goal was to provide clients with exceptional services that offer more than conventional accounting. Our culture and ethos are based on developing relationships, which stand the test of time, understanding our clients’ needs and preferences and being there to support our customers.

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our clients and we believe that paying attention to our customers is what sets us apart. We take the time to get to know each client and we draw up and implement strategies that are targeted to the individual company or customer. Maintaining relationships is integral to our success.

What our clients say.


I’ve been with this top accounting firm in Sydney for over 20 years and their tax advice, professionalism, quality of work and accounting services are always outstanding. As owners of various businesses, Rothsay have always been part of our team of trusted advisors and consultants.

Greg Dwyer

I have appreciated the professional support and high quality advice I have received from Alex Petrakis and the team at Rothsay Chartered Accountants for more than a decade. Genuinely great, helpful folks who always go the extra mile. Can’t recommend them more highly.

Ken Mortlock

Have used Rothsay Chartered Accountants for a number of years. Always competent, very professional and a pleasure to work with. They have assisted in a number of areas especially in dealing with tax issues and the ATO – and I highly recommend their services.
“Our Company and family have been clients of Rothsay Chartered Accountants for over 25 years. We have always appreciated the professional and personal service provided by Frank Vrachas and his team. Their broad and up to date expertise as well as the accounting, financial and business advice we receive has been invaluable. We can confidently recommend Rothsay.”

Rick de Leeuw

Managing - Director - Astral Scientific

Sydney Office

Perth Office

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